Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best two pieces of news EVER

(found in front of an Indian restaurant near Church Ave stop)
1. I finally am able to give my Rajuk Plot money for Uttara and Purbachol lands in Dhaka! (investment in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh)
2. Indoor Cricket! Finally!

Sunsets look better in Ditmas Park

I love the Ditmas Ave F stop so much. I have decided its the awesomest station amongst the whole MTA stable of beautiful subway stops. Everytime I see the stop, I am so happy. Because when I see the stop it usually means my 40 min ride in from Manhattan at 2am in the morning after I have psychoanalysed every person in my train cabin, went through my Radiohead playlist, while I nurse a headache and sore feet, is coming to an end.

Cafe culture in Kensington

It was a hipster day for me. I sat down at my local leftist cafe with mismatched chairs, read a book, enjoyed my coffee, had my cookies, and tipped that smiling barrister behind the counter.

While a can of open paint was set on the counter top and a conscientious painter was running green paint over the airduct very carefully. I know he was doing it carefully because the lady at the counter said, "careful yeah." That's all the customers need for assurance. I heard it and was like, ok now i dont think any green paint, whether in droplet, dust or spray form, is going to reach my nose, or any of the 1000s of cookies, pastries, coffee, sugar, or milk flasks directly below and around the painter dude.

Gyro King - Kensington

This is gryo place that decided chinese tanterns were the way to go. Totally matches their weak attempts at keeping their corporate colors alive with green streamers sloppily stuck on the walls. I think this is where the idea behind specialization and outsourcing began. They should stick to making gryo pitas and kebabs, I guess? Argh, but come on, is talent really so narrowly distributed?

My room is not that bad

Thanks for the lamp. You will see some notecards on my bed. I was organizing thoughts and my mind needed help.

My backyard

Monday, December 15, 2008

Good article